About Us.

An iconic salon in a key westfield centre known for fashion and innovation.
Valentinos Hair studio has been at the forefront of the best hairdressing Perth has to offer since opening in 1990.
Constantly setting the benchmark for latest fashion interpretation of hair and textile design, then making a reality through outstanding stylists and colourists under the watchful eye of Valentinos owner and leader Sharon Thomson.
If a vibrant, colourful and dynamic salon team who share a passion for style and confidence with their clients is for you then make an appointment to experience all that Valentinos has to offer.
Many “firsts” are on our list of accomplishments, however the real measure of any salon success is how happy the clients are.

Our talented Team.

Valentino’s has been a popular salon for 35 years and I am proud to have been involved for the last 20. It was a pleasure to complete the second half of my apprenticeship with previous owner, Alf Piano, who not only taught me how to run a successful business, he showed the me the secrets to world-class hair extensions and how to present the highest quality hair.

I took over as the new owner of the salon in 2004 and since then Valentino’s has been my life. My salon mantra is to provide the best service and highest quality hair possible. I also pride myself on being up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. I always give my girls the best possible training, whether it’s hands-on in the salon or through the variety of amazing courses across Australia. I am fascinated by the ongoing developments in the industry and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

My staff are a unique, highly creative and inspirational bunch who I think of as family. I also adore interacting with my clients, showcasing their beauty and making them feel special. I can’t thank enough all those that have supported me as a small business owner over the years. Valentino’s is my dream come true.


Hi, I have been at Valentino’s for 7 years now as salon coordinator/manager. I have a hairdressing background but if you happen to see me with Scissors in my hand look again as it will be my twin sister Courtney not me! I will most likely be the one to greet you on the phone or at the front desk and I am happy to help you with any questions regarding an appointment, quotes/pricing to recommending the best products for your needs. I absolutely love working with such a diverse and creative bunch who are like family to me and I always enjoy watching how talented they are from producing  a beautiful blow-dry to a massive hair transformation. Sharon and the girls work extremely hard every day to make sure you are happy from start to finish, I look forward to speaking to you for your next appointment x Chloe

18 years of passion define my role as Hair specialist. Creating beautiful hair is all I live for. Every opportunity to meet a new client, help them relax, gain an insight into their lifestyle and be able to give an honest professional recommendation for style and colour that can change their life is the best reward. ‘it’s all about trust and care”




5 products every girl needs…

  • Smartbond no3
  • Kevin Murphy dry shampoo
  • Loreal Infinium hairspray
  • Loreal Dust it
  • Shu Uemura serum absolute

Foiling, Balayage and Ombre are my colour focus, every client needs an individual look and feel for their style and colour, these techniques allow me to make this happen.

Social media has such a major impact on global fashion these days, it is refreshing that no one “look” dominates anymore and this allows a much closer client/stylist/colourist relationship. Kevin Murphy – Fresh hair gives me the freedom of styling I need and is the one I could not do without. Clients constantly tell me how they love the family atmosphere of Valentinos, I guess it comes from the support and sharing culture that lives here.


If you know of Shu Uemera, I am an expert and have received high commendation in their awards last year. If you do not know about this exclusive brand please make sure to come and see me, you will not be disappointed.

Creative hairdressing is all that drives me, a challenge accepted to make sure a plan is in place for my clients so we both know what the future looks like. My goal is for my clients to not “like” their hair, but to “love” it.

Fashion constantly evolves and revolves, so much inspiration to take from the 70’s and 80’s right now.

Smartbond, Smartbond!! Lets face it. There has never been a better time to be Blonde! No breakage, endless shine and with texture.

A Valentino’s client enjoys our personal touch and becomes part of the family.

I’m all for Ombre!

Soft natural looking colour is simply beautiful. I cannot imagine any woman not feeling glamorous and confident with an individual touch of the Ombre technique.

Now that we also have Smartbond which allows immense levels of colouring lighter , hair is left in better condition and this means the style will not be compromised. Nutritive mask from Kerastase completes this with hydration and further protection. Valentinos is a guarantee of beautiful hair.


Coming into my 8th year at Valentino’s Hair studio, it has been an amazing journey so far. I have participated in many different courses both in Perth, over east and overseas. Attending 2016 Melbourne’s LÓreal Colour Jam, most recently 2019 LÓreal’s Dubai Hair Fashion tour. As well as multiple look and learn classes at LÓreal HQ in Perth over the years. I have also become our salons Kerastase Ambassador in 2017. 


When it comes to me doing hair, I enjoy all aspects of my job but in particularly short haircuts are my favourite. To shape and create the immediate change is always so exciting and rewarding. I love seeing my clients face light us as they see their hair change before there eyes. Understanding my client’s lifestyle is paramount to get a feel not only for their fashion desires, but also for what will be relevant to them every day. 


As for home care I absolutely love and cannot live without:

Kerastase Bain Chromatique, is a colour protecting shampoo for colour-treated hair. Its action preserves colour and provides sublime texture.


Kerastase Masque Chromatique is a rich treatment for sensitised colour-treated hair or highlighted hair, it emphasises colour and protects its intensity.


Kerastase Nectar Thermique is a thermo protecting cream for dry hair. It protects dry hair from blow-dry and heat styling damages, making hair soft and easier to style. Apply to freshly washed damp hair before heat styling.


Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair, puts touchable texture, separation and movement into the hair, while still allowing you to run your fingers through from roots to ends. Flexible, texturizing finishing spray. 

The most important aspect of meeting a new client is to make sure they are completely relaxed and comfortable, only then can we develop good communication and share ideas. A whole new look is never an experiment, we need to be seeing the same things.

An individual look is just that and should reflect not just fashion, but include personality and lifestyle. The only thing to add is a program of the best care and style products to guarantee the look, colour and shine last!

Hair extensions are possibly the most noticeable of change for any client. The major transformation for my clients is astounding, especially when before and after photos are taken. This is my area of expertise. To enhance this I make sure all clients with extensions understand the need for specific maintenance and styling needs, Kevin Murphy has styling products that are weightless, give major shine plus volume with natural ingredients.

As an up and coming stylist my focus is to learn all I can from the talented team here at Valentinos. Having exposure to Loreal live and unplugged, Kerastase specialist programs and the latest Loreal ‘Contouring’ colour techniques show me so much potential for my clients. Kerastase, Kevin Murphy and Shu Uemura should be in every bathroom and styling area, I can’t do without them.


I’ve worked at Valentino’s for a total period of 20 years! I now work part-time and enjoy the challenge of working with wonderful clients and balancing family life. I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing but most of all colouring and styling. Looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon!


I have been hairdressing for 6 months now and what I like about it the most is helping make people feel good about themselves through creativity! My favorite product is the Loreal super dust because I haven’t found anything better for volume on short and fine hair! In the future I’d like to travel back to England and take my training with me.


I’ve been doing hairdressing for almost two years now and I enjoy all the parts of hairdressing but mainly colour and styling. I love seeing the change from when clients first walk in and leave with something new. Hairdressing is always changing with the latest fashion allowing us to learn new techniques and styles and I can’t wait to meet many new people along the way through this hairdressing journey!


I have been hairdressing for two years now! The world of hairdressing is always evolving and the techniques are always changing, that’s why I love it so much! We work with such a wide product range allowing us to expand our creativity and My favorite styling product is Shu Uemura’s camelia oil because it hydrates the hair without weighing it down and making it too oily. I am really looking forward to what my future career beholds in this amazing industry!


I have worked 7 years in the hairdressing industry and I love the buzz in meeting new people or changing the clients appearance completely! I feel hair is changing more as in we learn more knowledge and we are more professional with new techniques, methods and technology plus better ingredients for the hair! I currently love the Shu blowdry beautifier cream because it leaves the client with an amazing blowdry which is frizz free and not too heavy, making the hair feel like silk! I also love Shu’s ample angora mousse because even the finest hair can be blowdried with lots of volume and you can still run your fingers through the hair without it feeling tacky.


I have been hairdressing for 20 years now mostly at Valentino’s! I love the styling side of hairdressing the most, mainly for weddings and special events. I also love meeting new people and enjoy help making them feel good about themselves. Kerastase is my all-time favorite range but I always like to try something new! The hairdressing industry is for ever changing and it will never stop evolving with the modern times


Holidaying at the moment! Back soon!!