Welcome to our FAQ page. The questions we are asked most are listed below. Please select any that may be relevant to you and call for an appointment or to talk more about what interests you.

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What colour do you use?
We use Loreal colours exclusively. Loreal are global leaders in colour technology with 100 years and more of experience and we need to have full confidence in the best result for you, our client.

Do you have amonia free colours?
Yes we have the Inoa range from Loreal which is an odourless permanent ammonia-free colour adding shine and the most perfect coverage to your hair. We also have the dia-light and dia-richesse range which are our semi permanent colours and also our permanent texture waves are ammonia free.

Hair Extensions

Do you do extensions?
Yes we sure do! We are specialists in this type of service.

Our girls love extensions as they add length, volume and thickness to the hair which helps make our clients feel amazing when they leave the salon and are easy to maintain once home. We have stylists who specialise in extensions and we recommend coming into the salon for a consult so we can work out what type is best for you.


What types do you do?
We do a number of extensions including wefts, micro-links and tapes.
Our wefts are our most popular extension because you can get length and thickness without any gaps from roots to tips. We also sell clip-in extensions for anyone wanting a not so permanent solution.

How much are they?
Please call the salon to book your complementary consultation which takes about 15 minutes and from there we can give you a price and which extension will be best suited for you.

Do they cause any damage to hair?
All extension can damage to the hair but with regular maintenance and a little TLC will help with keep your hair in the best condition possible. We recommend returning to us every 6 weeks for a push-up to prevent any matting and breakage to your hair.

How long do they last?
The hair its self can last anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on which extensions you choose and how well you look after them once you leave the salon. We recommend to always use salon approved shampoo, treatments and leave-ins which we can advise before during or after your appointment.

Do I need to leave a deposit?
We take a minimum $200.00 non-refundable deposit on all extensions which is then used toward payment of the service on the day of your appointment. An appointment no-show will unfortunately enforce forfeiture of the deposit.


Straight - Smoothing

Do you do Keratin or Chemical straight?
We do both in salon with the keratin being more popular.

How long does it last?
Depending on which you choose anywhere from 3 months to a year for the keratin and for chemical the grows out from the roots with touch-ups every 6 months recommended to maintain.

Which is better?
The keratin is much more hydrating on the hair then the chemical straightening but it depends on what you are wanting to achieve with your hair and weather or not your hair is strong or naturally weaker as to what would be better for you.

Does chemical straightening damage the hair?
Chemical straightening is much stronger then the keratin so if your hair is already chemically treated from bleaching or colour work we will not recommend going ahead with the service.

Home Hair Care + Accessories

Do you have Kerastase?

We have used Kerastase in salon for over 20+ years and it is hands down our best selling brand. The reason we love it so much is because of how versatile each product is with a range suited for any hair type! As one of the top luxury hair brands in the world makes it hard not to recommend to our clients, With it’s constant updated and leading technology and as a luxury salon we only want what is best for our clients. We also use Kerastase in our spa area, this is where we recommend what bath, care and fusio dose treatment is best suited for you and we can even give you a personalised scalp diagnosis with our professional diagnostic camera for any scalp concerns you may have.


What is Shu Uemera?

Originally beginning as a make-up brand by Mr Shu Uemura himself a famous make-up artist in 1958 with a passion and unique flare for making women feel and look beautiful. It was no suprise over the years this luxury brand branched  in to skin care and finally expanding again in 2013 when Shu Uemura art of hair Australia was launched. Combining a Japanese touch to all shu uemura products mixed with a traditional twist its hard not to love this unique hair care.  It is a blend of essential oils which help create  beautiful natural looking hair with a personalised touch to create the perfect make-for hair.  The star product would have to be Essence absolue nourishing oil and is hands down our most popular product in the salon, not only does it smell like heaven but it doesn’t way your hair down like most oils do leaving your hair feeling nourished and looking faboulus. We highly recommend this beautiful brand!


Why is Kevin Murphy so popular?

Kevin Murphy is our luxury natural haircare range, great for those concerned about our environment. All Kevin Murphy products are sulphate and paraben free, with packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable. None of the products are tested on animals which make us love this brand even more. This luxury product is Australian made and was designed by Kevin Murphy himself a session stylist who combined his love for hair and concern for the climate to create products that preform and use the philosophy of skincare leaving the hair feeling weightless and beautiful.


Do you have sulphate free or paraben free ranges?
Our Kevin Murphy range is sulfate, paraben free and not tested on animals.Which is better


Cloud nine or GHD?

Both straighteners have their pros and cons so in the end it’s personal preference and we can advise you when you come in on which we think will be best suited for your hair.




General Q's


Do you take walk-ins or do I have to make an appointment?
We sure do but it is a good idea to make a booking from Thursday-Saturday as we get booked up very quickly and wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Many salons don’t do perms, do you?
We have a few of our stylists which do perms but before any bookings are made we do a test strand on a small bit of your hair just to make sure it’s strong enough for the service as perm solution is very strong and we do not want to damage your hair.

How do I go about a quote or consultation?

If you would like to come into the salon for a complementary 15 minute consultation and quote about any service you are more than welcome to but please call ahead if you would like a particular time and or stylist as we do get very busy. Unfortunately we do not do consults or quotes over any social media forum or phone as it is impersonal and we need to see, touch and feel your hair so we can give you the best possible advice and price.