Wet look styled locks are a current a staple on the runway. But here’s a tricky question – do you prefer it on long or short hair? Let’s see how two fiercely glamorous fashionistas worked the style…

Long wet-look hair: chic and elegant

The style: No longer are we afraid of our roots growing out – in fact, it’s quite the opposite! This long, slicked back look purposefully emphasizes the contrast between the natural root colour and the grown out lengths – and it works!

The hairstyle: Smooth, healthy and frizz-free locks are a must in order to pull off this look, so make sure you’re using a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner like the nourishing Mythic Oil range.

What the editors say: This look is all about having fun with colour, everything from the multi-tonal hair colour shades to the outfit and even the accessories. Don’t forget to use a comb after applying a wet-look gel to the roots as this will help showcase the contrasting colours.

Short wet-look hair: edgy and urban

The style: Wondering what to do with a short bob? Simply slick it back into this confident wet-look style – and the beauty is it doesn’t have to be pin neat. Plus, if you style this look using a wet-look spray like Shower Shine from Tecni.ART, you have the option to re-style throughout the day.

The hairstyle: A simple slicked-back bob is a blank canvass, which means it draws all the focus to your face and outfit. Step up to the plate and get creative with bold and textured fashion choices.

What the editors say: “Too cool to care” is the vibe we’re getting from this hairstyle, which fits in perfectly with the current natural beauty trend. Think, effortless style paired with “no make-up” make-up.